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Fab 4 themed Ukuleles

Beatles themed Ukuleles! One off designs! Fab new local artist commissions! £40 each

For the launch of Penny Lane Music I asked local artist Alicia McLaren to paint these awesome ukuleles. They start life as Gear4Music ukulele and then they are finished in high quality acrylic.

The Gear4music ukulele is small and compact, with a pleasant tone that sounds great. It's small and lightweight, while being durable enough that you can take it anywhere. A great classroom alternative to recorders and violins, the ukulele provides hours of fun for musicians of any experience.

It may be small, but the ukulele is a serious instrument in its own right. Originally from Hawaii, it gained popularity throughout the United States during the early 20th century, then eventually internationally.

George Harrison's other famed instrument other than a Gretsch!

£40 each Now only 1 left!

Black "Faces"