Marshall - the amp of choice for so many guitar players - not just now but for over 40 years. The MG series brings classic Marshall tone into an affordable range of amps that are ideal for starter guitar players or for players looking to buy a first gigging amp. If you're just starting out or you're working to a budget, these amps have everything you need - they sound great, they're reliable, they're affordable, and because they say Marshall on the front, you know you're going to get a decent sell on price if & when you want to upgrade to your next amp.

Stagg 40BA Bass Amplifier

The Stagg 40-BA Bass Amp is a great choice for beginner & young student Bass players and comes fully loaded with great features designed to offer superior tonal amplification at an affordable price. Ideal for home practice use, small venues and band practice the specifications include built-in 3-Band EQ (Bass/Middle/Treble), Master Volume, Compression Control, Headphone Input, Effects Loop (send/return) as well as a Stereo Jack input for a CD/MP3 player. With plenty of control over your sound the 40-BA is versatile and suitable for all styles of playing. Ruggedly built with a metal grill and sturdy casing the amp is designed to last!

In USED but great condition. £49

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